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Balloon Twisting

More than dogs and swords, I can create over 100 different designs; everything from jetpacks to princesses and aliens to penguins. I can create 15-20 sculptures in an hour. The specialty balloons I use allow for me to add life-like detail to characters and sculptures. I even take care of repairs so everyone leaves satisfied.  


Relevancy is something I pride myself with - so go ahead and ask me to make that new movie character! I love experimenting and putting my skills to the test.


If the guest of honor has a special request or if there is a party theme, let me know beforehand and I will do my best to accomodate.

Workshops and Private Lessons

Workshops can be a great summer camp or school activity. Inquire for details related to group workshops or private lessons. 


For by the hour pricing information, please contact me via:

Phone,  Email  or  Facebook Messenger

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